Measurements and Inspection

Measurements and Inspection

  • Measurements and Inspection

Company RACI d.o.o. has long-term of experience in gas measurements. We offer users modern, tested and robust analytical systems for durable and periodical occasional measurements that provide a competent solution, low ownership costs, high reliability and availability, and quality, i.e. reliability, comparability and traceability of measurements.

RACI offers complete and competent custom-built solutions :

  • Automated Measuring Systems – AMS
  • Data Acquisition and Handling System – DAHS
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems – CEMS
  • Continuous and Periodic measurements of gases and particulates
  • Monitoring of emissions into the air
  • Inspection of AMS according to EN 14181 (QAL2 & AST)


   Since 2013 company RACI d.o.o. is SIEMENS Solution Partner in field of Process Analytics.

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