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RACI company is also able to offer its customers contemporary, proven and robust process protection equipment with competent and compliance solutions, low costs of ownership, high reliability and availability as well as high quality i.e. reliability, comparability and traceability of measurements.

RACI offers its customers consulting, installation, commissioning, calibration and maintenance of process protection equipment, consists of elements world-wide renowned producer MSA.



LEL, O2, CO, H2S, HCN, NO2, PH3, SO2, Cl2, ClO2, NH3, O3 ...

Stationary gas detector "plug & play" version:

  • Easy installation and connection
  • Choice of 22 gas sensors (TOX, OX, EX)
  • Light and sound signalisation
  • Analog and digital outputs
  • ATEX version
  • Modular design

Scentinal SL50 is a simultaneous ambient pollutant and odour emission monitoring system based on high accuracy (ppb level) sensing technology. Scentinal can provide continuous monitoring of odorous gases such as H2S, Ammonia, VOCs, and SO2 as well as non-odorous gases such as CO2 and Methane.

Scentinal uses up to 20 sensing modules ranging from Photo-Ionization Detector, Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector, Electro-Chemical Cell, Laser Scattered Counter and Metal Oxide Sensors. All data is stored locally and sent to the central server accessible by the user. The Sensor Information Management System is used to not only store and display monitoring results but also provide remote configuration, calibration, and diagnosis of multiple Scentinal units.



Domestic gas detectors H-220 monitoring the concentration of combustible gases, volatile organic solvents and carbon monoxide and alarm light and sound when the maximum permitted levels are reached.

Depending on the detected gas domestic gas detectors series H-220 are available in the following models: H-220-CH4 - methane, H-220-LPG - LPG, H-220-IAQ - indoor air quality, H -220-CO - for carbon monoxide.



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