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Finnish company Gasmet is the leading producer of portable FTIR analysers. The big advantage of these analysers is measurement of up to 50 gases simultaneously. Different versions of portable FTIR analysers can be used for emission measurements as well as measurements of greenhouse gases, industrial hygiene, firefighting and similar.

Gasmet GT5000 Terra is an agile and robust tool for gas measurements

Gasmet launched a new versatile and even lighter gas analyser in the portable product series! The GT5000 Terra represents a new generation of gas analysers that combines high technology, easy usability, and portability.




Portable Measuring System Gasmet DX4000 for Measuring Emission or Process

The Gasmet DX 4000 Portable Emissions Measuring System incorporates all the benefits of an FTIR CEM system into a portable package. By combining hot extractive sampling and a high-performance FTIR gas analyser, components such as HF, HCl, NH3, N2O, formaldehyde and others can be measured continuously in harsh conditions.



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