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Basic information about the company:

Full company name: RACI rationalization of combustion processes d.o.o.
Short company name:  RACI d.o.o.
Business address: TehnoloŇ°ki park 24, 1000 Ljubljana
Registration number: 5865425
Tax number: SI80268170
IBAN: SI56020850016765554
Standard Classification of Activities:  71.129 other technical design and consultancy
Share capital: EUR 18,778.50
Application number: 1/25657/00 District Court of Ljubljana, Srg .: 99/01255
Registration company number at IZS:  0952
Code of the research organization: 1526
Telephone: + 386 1 620 33 80



Company RACI d.o.o. has been awarded a certificate Excellent SME Slovenia - for business sucess and trustworthy company.

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